aspire c27 low performance even after multiple factory resets

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I have done multiple factory resets and reinstallations of windows yet my computer is still experiencing bad performance my acer model is (acer aspire c27) its an all in one pc so i cant really deal with the hardware sides of things. My task manager seems normal I have the latest drivers and updates and barely used any space but my computer is still lagging a lot I've checked for corrupted files or drives but command prompt said that they were all fine I cant seem to find the problem here on why my computer is so slow my specs are (GeForce mx130 gpu, intel core i5 CPU and 12 gigs of ram) I have been using this computer for 2 years and i have been experiencing this problem for a year and a half yet nothing I do fixes it. If anyone could find a solution to this problem that would be much apreciated.

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  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,365 Trailblazer

    >>>I have the latest drivers>>>

    What do you mean by this? Where did you get these latest drivers? The latest Acer OEM drivers for your proprietary Acer mainboard are found by entering your full model number on this link. Not from any other website like Intel, AMD, nvidia, etc.

    Jack E/NJ
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    You haven't really told us which C27 model you have. The full model number is on the same sticker as your serial number and should look like C27-xxx-xxxx. When you say slow, what specifically do you mean? Slow when running high end games is one thing, slow when doing a Google search in Edge is entirely different... What are you running for your antivirus? Still have the original one installed, and has it been renewed when it ran out?

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