Acer Aspire C24 (C24-1750): Beep at startup Is there a possibility to turn off this beep?

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Recently we bought two Acer Aspire C24 — All-in-One Home Workstations (C24-1750).

When we turn on the AIO's we can hear one beep (a little bit to loud unfortunately) and then the PC's startup fine.

Is there a possibility to turn off this beep?

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    I understand that you would like to turn off the beep sound on startup of your All in One unit. The startup and shutdown sound alert may be disabled by 2 ways.

    Method 1:-

    1. Navigate to System > Advanced, Notifications tab.
    2. Check Disable the startup/shutdown beep.
    3. Click Save.

    Method 2:-

    1. Enter the BIOS (F10) and go to "Advanced" tab.
    2. Go to and select Boot Options.
    3. Scroll down and uncheck "Audio Alerts During Boot"
    4. Make sure you hit the "Save" button.
    5. Return to "Main" tab and choose "Save changes and Exit"

    Hope this helps you!!



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    Have tried your 2 methods.

    Method 1: Is this a setting that has to be changed in Windows? If so, I cannot find it in Windows 11.

    Method 2: "Audio Alerts During Boot" is not an option with the "Boot options'.

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    I've had exactly the same issue with the annoying loud beep noise on startup on my Aspire C24 and as you say there's no Audio Alerts Boot in the BIOS. Do you happen to also have issues with your mouse becoming slow to open desktop shortcuts if the PC is left for sometime?