The image of my ACER K137 suddenly became yellow-ish - Where to buy a replacment lamp ?

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Dear people,

I've been a happy owner of the Acer K137 for some years.

Yesterday, the image displayed by the projectro became yellow-ish, and no way to get rid of this since then.

I was wondering if this is a 'you should change the lamp' sign.

If yes, I tried to look for a place to purchase a replacement lamp, by did not find anything anywhere online.

Have anyone experienced the same ?

Does anyone know where I could find a lamp ?



  • Balatekie
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    As you are experiencing abnormal color activity in Projector, 1st try resetting to factory defaults.

    1. Get into Service mode: - Press “Power”-> “Left”-> “Left “ -> “Menu” buttons sequentially to get into service mode.

    2. Get into Other Settings Mode: - Use “Up” or “Down” buttons to select “Factory Reset”, then press “Menu” button.

    Hope this helps you.



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