Add a second SSD on Swift 3 (model: SF314-512-52MZ)

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I recently purchased an Acer Swift 3 (model: SF314-512-52MZ), which has 16gb of Ram, and a 512GB hard drive to go along with an i5-1240P.

My question is I was reading some material and it looks like there is a s second SSD slot on the motherboard next to the battery and under a ribbon, and wanted to see if anyone can confirm.

Related, I wanted to add a second SSD (2TB), and wanted to see if anyone added the second SSD before I go ahead and order the SSD. If anyone did, were there any issues?

This article details the second M2 slot (




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    Here is the youtube video showing the location of the second SSD (subtitles available).

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    Yes, there are two M.2 slots for SSDs in your SF314-512. They both support NVMe drives using PCIe 4.0 interfaces, so should be nice and fast. You can put any size drive you can afford into either slot.

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  • SSDs can be installed here:

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