Why is my Veriton Z4820G not booting when I put it back together my all in one will not boot

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Hello all . I currently managed to get my All in one to power back on. I had to replace the CMOS battery, but when I put it back together my all in one will not boot. The power is on and the storage light is on but nothing shows on screen. I even went back inside and unplugged the hard drive and plugged it back in. Still nothing. Thank you in advance for your help

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    Check the PSU if its providing full power to your motherboard or your motherboard needs to be check for its power primary power stage circuitries like its mosat and capacitors if they are not shorted and stopping the motherboard from turning on. The problems that you are having is technical one that needs an experienced technician to analyze and test and fix the actual problems that you have, if you can't get anyone to fix your motherboard then buy a new motherboard for your Z-4820G AIO as they are not very expensive and are available.

    Below is the Veriton motherboard, check the DC port and the crossed mosats/capacitors that are associated with providing power to your motherboard as that is where your problem is, this needs to be done by a technician that has all the tools and knows what he's doing.

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    Thanks, but that is not the correct motherboard for my model.

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    There are so many different ways you that could have not quite gotten it back together correctly... If the display doesn't come on have the checked to make sure the eDP cable is still seated fully at both ends?

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