Predator X27p Won't Boot unless DP Cable Unplugged

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I recently got a used X27p. The monitor is fine (other than it not allowing me to adjust settings when in HDR, like my original X27 (non p) which pisses me off...) except for the fact that after each fresh use of my computer or console, it seems the monitor needs to be reset without anything plugged in.

Sometimes, my computer through DP still works, sometimes my console via hdmi still works, but never both, and often neither. The ONLY way to fix this is for the DP cable to be removed, the power cable to be removed, the power cable reinserted, power on, THEN re-install the DP cable after the Predator logo appears and I have access once again to the menu system.

I can only find one person, and the thread was on Reddit, where someone had a similar issue, but he reported it fixed once he did what I did after the first time boot. However, this is an issue for me after EVERY boot of the computer, console, or after a very long hybernation of either (like sitting over night). I can't simply just turn my monitor on and continue with my life. I have to do this cadence every time.

Im really hoping I'm missing something here. The monitor was a really good price, and I frankly can't swing their typical asking rate atm. At the same time, I still have time to return it if need be. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


  • JackE
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    With both the monitor and PC turned off, the recommended sequence is to first boot the monitor. Wait a minute or so, then turn on the PC.

    Jack E/NJ