can someone help with resolving a Bluetooth issue? I've dried setting the setting to automatic.

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can someone help with resolving a bluetooth issue? I've dried setting the setting to automatic. I've checked for the latest update. The blue tooth is still not recognizing my speakers. I was told it a device update issue.


  • Firstly, its a bit hard to advise you on anything if you don't give us the exact model number of your computer, as BT issues are numerous and very easy to fix as allot of the times its the actual updated drivers that don't need to be updated. This has happened to me and its common with Win-11 and the Intel Bluetooth drivers that Intel keeps updating and that don't work with certain Acer laptops and especially with my Nitro 5 AN515-56 and that only works 100% and perfectly with the Acer OEM provided Intel BT driver and does not work with any other updated Intel BT drivers (which there have been like 6 updates and none work) so this could be your problem(s).

    Make sure that whatever PC you have the Bluetooth runs on the official and listed Acer BT driver and don't update the driver to any new version, or let Windows Update update the BT driver to new version, especially for the new Wi-Fi 6/BT Intel cards drivers, as that causes the Bluetooth to not work.

    Go to Acer Drivers % Manuals for your copmputer model, have a look at the BT driver provided by Acer, then go to Device Manager >Bluetooth and rollback the driver to that Acer OEM driver version that is in Drivers & Manuals for your BT card as that will work 100%. If you have any problems rolling back the driver get back to us as we can instruct you how to do this for your comuter.