PCIe of Ph317-54-7973 Does my laptop have PCIe 4 on both slots?

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I got a question, Does my laptop have PCIe 4 on both slots? My Samsung 980 Pro 2TB is only below 3000mb/s. I try to search for it online but nothing showed it.

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    To find out install HWiNFO64 and look at both slots in this software’s details. As the Acer quoted SSDs for the PH315-54 and the PH317-54 drives fitted from Acer OEM is the following and like below, but the 2nd M.2 drive could be lower and be a PCIe 3 x4.

    Also try to reinstall the last PH317-54s IRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) Driver Version: or install the latest Intel IRS driver version and see if that improves your speeds, also make sure that you have enabled the TRIM command within windows for your OS as that also helps to speed the SSDs up, also look at this guide How to Make The Most Out of M.2 NVMe SSD.

    These are the specs of the mechanical 2.5" drives that Acer fits and suggests also: