BIOS download not showing on Acer support website how I can get the BIOS software for my laptop?

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Hi all,

I want to download the BIOS software for my Acer laptop but it is not showing on Acer's support website with downloads. Do you know why that is, and how I can get the BIOS software for my laptop?

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  • What is the bios version running on your current Aspire 4810TGs laptop? As the last version for this laptop is the file name; Version 2.35 dated: 04/22/2010 titled: BIOS for Special Edition 2009 Patches BIOS kernel code, which is a 3.5MB file size. but BE VERY CAREFUL as getting a bios update from a non-Acer official site is very dangerous and will brick your laptop as allot of these files could be corrupt and could brick your laptop, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LINK I'VE GIVEN YOU IF YOU FLASH YOUR BIOS, BE VERY CAREFUL AS ITS VERY RISKY!

    Also, why do you want to update the bios, as a bios update are very rarely done and its only upgraded if you are having the exact problems that a bios update fixes. Also, this laptop can only run max Win-7 64bit so don't try to upgrade this laptop to Win-10 64bit!

    The reason why Acer does not have any bios updates for this old laptop is for precautionary reasons, as doing a bios update for an old laptop like the Aspire 4810TGs bios chip, 9 out of 10 times, the bios flash will destroy the bios chip and brick your laptop and you will need to replace the bios chip, if you can get one? Be very careful as this has happened to me, and I bricked a desktop and a laptop and had to replace the bios chip with a new chip, so I speak from experience😁!

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    Hi StevenGen,

    Thanks for your extensive reply, much appreciated. I have this old laptop for some work using legacy software on Windows 7 that doesn't run smoothly on Windows 10. It works well. But when I changed the RAM recently, after the RAM sqap the laptop wouldn't boot anymore. Not even the BIOS screen comes up when I press the power button. Suspecting faulty RAM, I put the old RAM back in but then the same problem occurred. Testing the RAM in another computer shows that both the old and new RAM are fine, so the only plausible explanation is that the BIOS chip somehow died. It's a 12 year old machine that has been used extensively but still well looked after. I thought that it's at least worth a try to reflash the original BIOS to see whether that fixes the problem. But alas, I couldn't find the original download and hence I posted my question.

    So if Acer does not provide it anymore, I'll just decommission this machine and grant it a well-deserved retirement.

  • Have you tested the rams in both slots?

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    What memory were you putting in? Is there any chance you might have damaged the connector (like by forcing a DDR4 stick into the DDR3 slot?)

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    Thanks everyone for weighing in with suggestions. One suggested potential fix was to completely draining the machine from power by removing the battery and also unplugging the BIOS battery and letting it sit for a while. I did that and upon a boot attempt it sprung back to life, with the new RAM. So maybe the BIOS just needed a real power reset. So all good, moving on.