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Aspire E1-571 Windows 8 64 bit - Intermittent Internet connection over WiFi and wired connection.

Luke1989Luke1989 Posts: 1Member



I have been experiencing intermittent internet connection over bth WiFi and Ethernet connection. I've tried everyhing I can think of now including a system reset!

Network adapter is Broadcom driver version

Also have Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet version


Please help me!!




  • Andrew1998Andrew1998 Posts: 1Member

    Hi Luke,


    I am typing this message from the Acer Aspire E1 571 that I bought for my son a week ago in PC World's Easter sale.


    This machine had the very same issue with Broadcom 802.11n Network Adaptor.


    Internet connection was ok with charger plugged in but kept dropping out just on battery.


    Driver version on our machine is of 12/10/12.


    Initially Acer suggested downloading updated driver for the Atheros Network Adaptor!


    I have just 'unchecked' the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" & bingo so far so good.


    From within properties select "Power Management".


    Hope this helps.




  • george7777george7777 Posts: 7Member

    i did this still getiing the connection problems anyone any ideas.

  • GotLemonGotLemon Posts: 3Member

    I have the same system and the same version of of everything. Same problem with W-Fi dropping connection constantly.

    Broadcom Network adapter. E-571.


    I have constant problems staying connected to the internet too. First it would drop and then not connect without a restart. I contacted Acer and they said to upgrade the BIOS to V. 2.15 - latest on their website. This seemed to help.. but still would drop occasionally with power chord in on Wi-FI, and almost never stay connected with power chord out. (perhaps the power chord acts as an antenna, perhaps the computer is just designed badly and when not under battery power will not stay connected via wi-fi, who knows)


    Wireless drivers a few minor versions newer than onsite - came installed.


    Nothing seems to work to keep Wi-FI connected.


    Since buying the computer without doing adequit research (sigh).. the last thing Acer emailed me was to setup arrangements to mail them my computer - but they didn't say how much they would charge me to fix it. Assuming they had a fix.. which they didn't say they had. I'm not sure about sending them my computer.


    I think the computer is just a bad crappy machine. Acer has already discontinued it.. no longer makes it..

    That fact says it all.


    Has anyone found any solution to this problem?

    Has anyone had Acer successfully fix this computer for them?

    Anyone found ANYTHING? Please share if you have..

    Thank you - would be much appreciated.



  • MogMartinMogMartin Posts: 1Member

    I have had, I think, the same problem?


    Broadcom 802.11n network adaptor in an Acer E1-571.


    I bought the m/c used off eBay and found an infuriating intermittent wifi problem (though no problem with Ethernet).


    It had driver :-

    Driver provider : Broadcom

    Driver date : 12/10/2012

    Driver Version :

    Digital Signer : Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher.


    I unchecked 'Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power'.


    I installed this driver :-

    Driver provider : Microsoft

    Driver date : 13/03/2012

    Driver Version :

    Digital Signer : Microsoft Windows.


    I have been using it for about 5 hours since making these changes and have had no further problems.


    While I was faffing about, I bought a USB wifi dongle off eBay for £3.45 but, as the above seems to have cured the problem, I haven't actually tried the dongle. I imagine it would sort the problem? The rest of the m/c seems fine. It is quick on W8.


    I hope this helps?

  • apolloukapollouk Posts: 7Member

    I have an Aspire E1-571 which I bought from my local Currys/PCWorld just over a week ago and have had exact same problems. Wireless/wifi would keep dropping out which was real annoying but when you connect mains it seems perfect.


    So while I was in device manager I checked to see if their was a driver update and low and behold their is.

    Driver provider : Microsoft

    Driver date : 13/03/2012

    Driver Version :

    Digital Signer : Microsoft Windows.


    Soon as I did it it seemed to speed page download so I'm keeping fingers crossed it will be OK.



  • shazzyrmshazzyrm Posts: 7Member

    Still getting the problem, even after trying everything everyone suggested.  I just hope there's an update soon!

  • shazzyrmshazzyrm Posts: 7Member

    For anyone still having the problem and their WiFi adapter is Intel.  Here is a link to a new driver, released on 23rd December.  It solved the intermittant problems for me.  Intel Link

  • mcasdorphmcasdorph Posts: 4Member

    I dont think this is related to the E1-571, because I'm having the same issues with the Aspire 4339, and google results seem to suggest its a general Acer issue not just a specific model, I havent tried the fix posted about the intel driver, however I hope it does some good.

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