How can I do a factory reset when F11(all F functions don't work) and recovery CDs won't boot

DadadealDadadeal Member Posts: 1 Newbie

I don't know how to use the recovery partition, or it won't work. I've tried every windows response I got, is there Restore reinstallation Disc or download because the people at Microsoft support keep trying to get me to d/l windows 10 and I don't want to try that any more, I have already over 20 times. I'm sick and tired of them not listening. Is there key I need to hold in or something to do during boot up that will help? It's going two weeks now, what i don't get is how the PC will read the Recovery CD and not boot into after I set the BIOS to cd/dvd boot order and it just skips over it! It complete none sense that windows stopping work after a windows update......Blue screen of ridiculous, had MS support share a screen keep downloading files from MS and they weren't working. I told them that I already tried all the same techniques online.

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