Nitro 5 upgrade to windows 11 but software can't use and there is not sound

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After I upgrade to windows 11, when I open premiere pro, it says there is problem about the audio, so when I edit the video, there is not sound. I try searching adobe and it says this might be related to Nvidia, but my Nvidia only shows graphics setting , there is not audio settings. I already set my laptop go back to windows 10 but I am still wondering how to solve this kind of problems, is someone here know how to fix this?

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  • Which Nitro 5 model do you have it should be like AN515-xx. Also, you need to update the NVidia graphics driver (as this also has audio drivers) to the last driver for your gpu chip. You also need to use the new drivers "Clean Install" option to uninstall the previous NVidia driver with the new driver and then install the new driver.

    After doing all the above, your audio should work, also make sure that all Win-11 Windows Update is up to date and also install the Intel Driver and Support Assistant to make sure that all the latest Win-11 drivers are up to date, as all this will fix your audio problems.

    Btw I've got a Nitro 5 AN515-56 that had Win-10 Home preinstalled by Acer and I did a "Clean Install" of Win-11 Home and then updated to the latest version 22h2 OS build 22621.819 and Win-11 is a much better operating system than win-10 and my audio always worked 100% and perfectly since updating to Win-11, so you must be doing something wrong like not having the proper drivers, so make sure that you do all the above and install Win-11 again.

  • AltheaAlthea Member Posts: 2 New User

    I already installed the newest version but still not audio settings......maybe I did something wrong here, cuz when I first installed it, I don't know where is the clean installation, after that I uninstall the newest version and installed second time with clean installation

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