Preferred graphics card. for acer nitro 5 Please help!

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Hi, I have the acer nitro 5, gtx 1050, core i5-8300H. I’ve just reinstalled windows and wiped everything from my system and I’ve download GeForce because it deleted it and i didn’t have my main GPU (1050) on the system and when I downloaded it, my main gpu appeared on the system but it’s still using my integrated graphics. Please help!

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    Right click on an empty space in Desktop to access NVIDIA Control panel, please select NVIDIA for bor both settings as shown in my picture, after changing the settings click Apply button at the bottom.

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    Hi, I have switched the “preferred graphics processor” to high performance nivida processor and the “ processor to my main gpu( gtx 1050) and it worked like a charm!

    I have one more question for some reason when I go into a game like rainbow six siege for example and change the graphics all too low and then I exit and launch the game back up again it automatically changes the graphics from low to its preset graphics and it’s really annoying because I don’t want the preset graphics. I’ve checked on Nvida GeForce to see if the game is optimised but it’s not. Any ideas? Thanks

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    I understand you don’t want the preset graphics

    Kindly go through the details from the link given below

    Check whether there is any option to save the changes to overide the preset.

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    I’ve went through control panel and did some tweaks and now it’s working perfectly fine! Thanks!