Lines on my Spin5 Monitor Can it even be repaired?

jCASjCAS Member Posts: 1 New User

Does this mean repair? so frustrating, I used carefully then this happened. Can it even be repaired?

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  • Vertical lines on a monitor are one of three core problems: the display panel itself is defective, the connection between your computer and the display is faulty, or it's receiving erroneous information, look at this guide Fix Vertical Lines as it explains it very well and if you can't do the fixes you will need a new screen.

  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,019 Trailblazer

    If you would give us the model number of your Spin 5 we could potentially provide more information. It should be something like SP5xx-xxx-xxxx and it usually located on the same sticker as your serial number. In most cases that type of artifact is the eDP cable which runs between the motherboard and display, but without the model number we can't even know which part number the cable is.

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