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We have a Acer CP513-1H with a cracked screen. I have googled where to find a replacement screen or somewhere to fix it, but have not had any luck.

Any advice on where / how to get the screen replaced would be appreciated.


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  • Best way to replace and get the appropriate screen is to first take the old, cracked screen out and look at the back of this screen for the Acer part number that your CHROMEBOOK SPIN 513 CP513-1H SERIES laptop has, as then you will know exactly the screen that is fitted to your laptop and allot of the searches are more appropriate with a part number than the laptop model number.

    Another way is to contact Acer in your area for the appropriate screen for your laptop the Spin 513 CP513-1H or search the web for a screen retailer(s) that have this screen. Also, and one of the best screen retailers that I found is a place called Laptop Screens so look at their range at this link for your CHROMEBOOK SPIN 513 CP513-1H but unfortunately your screen is out of stock, so get into contact with them and see if they can get this screen for you and how long it will take for them to get this screen for you. Good luck and hope this helps you out as I know that this is very frustrating. 

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    The Acer part number for your display screen is 6M.HX0N7.001. If you search on that you may be able to find a vendor that supports your locale.

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