Acer X34GS - UM.CX0EE.S01 - Does it support Freesync?

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Hello. I'm looking for a new monitor and decided it will be Acer X34GS. Problem is that im plan on buying the new RX 7900XTX gpu, and on the acer websitе it is not mentiоned anywhere that is has Freesync. It says G-sync compatible and nothing about Freesync/Adaptive sync.

My question is - Does this monitor work good with AMD videocards? I've been reading forums for a while and people say it does, however i want to be sure before dropping 1000 euro on a monitor

The monitor I'm looking at is Part: UM.CX0EE.S01

If someone has this monitor and an AMD gpu, I will be more than happy to hear their opinion.

Thank you in advance!


  • billsey
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    Look at #6 in the small print at the bottom of the page. It looks like Freesync is supported, but may be less than optimal since it's designed for G-Sync.

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