CB317-1H Error Message: "Low-power charger connected "the message pops every several seconds

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I own an Acer CB317-1H that has two USB-C ports (one on each side). I have been loving the machine, and loving the convenience of charging using USB-C on either side of the machine. A couple weeks ago when the charger (Acer provided) is plugged into the right side port I have been getting a "low-power charger connected" message. The message pops every several seconds, the screen fades and brightens every several seconds, and the keyboard hangs every several seconds (resulttttttttttttts look someeeeeeeething like thissssssssss). I plug the charger into the left side port and all is well. If I use the right-side port for anything other than charging, it appears to work fine.

Any suggestions for what I can do to get the right side port to behave?

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  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,441 Trailblazer

    Check for port lint. I occasionally have to blast mine with air or gently dig it out with a toothpick If that doesn't work, then with the machine off and charger unplugged from AC, re-seat the charger's output plug in the port a dozen or so times to help clean up the charge contacts inside the port.

    Jack E/NJ
  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,813 Trailblazer

    Yes, usually an obstruction of some type...

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  • MaioCampoMaioCampo Member Posts: 2 New User

    Thanks for the suggestions. I blew the port out, and tried the re-seat but it still does not like the charger in that port.

    I read that a hardware reset could solve this (generic chromebook advice to hold the refresh button down and power up), but wasn't sure if anything like that worked with Acers specfiically.

  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,441 Trailblazer

    Hard reset might work. Might also cause adverse side effects even more inconvenient than what you have now. How about simply reversing the plug a few tmes? These ports and pins are so small that I wonder sometimes how well the plug's corresponding charging pins line up in the slot from wear and tear.

    Jack E/NJ
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