Acer Chromebook charges through USB-C port, can I charge through a USB-A port?

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My Chromebook normally charges through a USB-C port, but one of the ports wore out, and the other one is starting to fail.

Can I use one of the USB-A ports to charge the Chromebook?

When my original charger failed, I replaced it with a Targus device that has both USB-A and -C. It works just fine. But I'd like to know if it's safe to charge through USB-A port.

Thanks in advance.


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    I understand your query related charging Chromebook with USB A port, instead of USB C port. To help you with optimum solution, I request you to share exact model ex: CB315-3H-xxxx ......of your Chromebook.

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    As far as I know there are no Acer Chromebooks that can charge through a USB-A port. Some do allow charging through USB-C, but some do not, hence the request for a model number.

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