SOLVED ACER touchpad stops working. You gotta whack it!

CartwheelKing Member Posts: 2 New User

SOLVED, ACER Chromebook touchpad stops working.

Debris under the keys/keyboard is causing the issue for most of us.

Close laptop and whack the back of it. Clean off and repeat. Keep whacking it until there is no more debris falling on to the screen.

Problem started 3mo's after buying the Chromebook 315. The problem is now gone. (after a good whack session)

(I had previously opened up the Chromebook and reset the ribbons to the touchpad and gone thru every other troubleshoot I could think of. Nothing solved the problem. It wasn't solved until I was so irritated I didn't care if I broke it smacking the back of it, low and behold, it worked).

I hope this works for you.

"Giver er a good whack every month!"