Acer chromebox CXI3-UA91 will not start

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I have a acer chromebox CXI3-UA91 that will not start.

It has power but the power light will blink blue. There is also a fast ticking sound that can be heard from within the chromebox, but it does not seem to be coming from the fan as it will turn freely. So far I have not found any indication of what the blinking could be.

As far as I know there was not power issue (no outtage or power spike).

The power light will blink but nothing will come on the screen.

Tried to to a factory reset - no change.

Unplugged the power supply and held the power button for 30 sec (found that advise in a search), but after plugging the power back in there is no change.

I checked the power supply output and it seem OK.

Looking for any advice on what I could do to resolve this issue. As the device is not under warranty, I'm open to hardware fix.

Here's me hoping someone has an answer :)


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    What color is the power status light? Blinking red is supposed to mean there's a problem with the power supply...

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