Laptop slowing down when plugged in

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I already made a post about it last week but I branded it as Answered but I found out it's still slows down so Im gonna post it again to ask for help, so here's the story.

I bought a acer travelmate a few weeks ago and I'm having a problem, when I plug it in it slows down drastically, I've tried tweaking the power plan and setting the cpu usage when plugged in to 99 and 100 but it doesn't work, I tried to diagnose it myself and found out that it gives a performance boost for about a minute before slowing down, I also found out that when playing games It will not slow down unless you press esc, game settings,quick save and stuff. Anybody knows a fix for it? Help would be much appreciated...

I also tried the fix of someone who commented on my last post, saying to drain the battery by pressing the pin hole under my laptop and resetting bios but it only worked once..


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    If the battery charge level falls below about 50% before plugging it in,, charging the battery takes precedent over meeting CPU/GPU power demands. Accordingly, performance will suffer.or exhibit intermittant behavior until the battery is above the 50% charge level again. So it's best to allow the battery to charge back to 100% and leave it plugged in for maximum time under heavy CPU/GPU loads

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