red lines problem with predator XB271HU

nenadv Member Posts: 4 New User

hi guys, recently my monitor started showing vertical red lines on half of the monitor. I unplugged the power cable for 20 minutes and it all worked fine for two days when the same problem reappear.

when i disconnect video input cables screen is still red. and when i open firefox or some other software lines are not visible, screen looks perfectly normal until i switch to desktop again.

i red somewhere it could be a pcb board or some controller...

any ideas?


  • Does this issue only occur on the desktop? Have you tried resetting the monitor settings?

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  • nenadv
    nenadv Member Posts: 4 New User

    i saw it occur only on desktop. didn't try resetting the settings, ill do it and observe if the lines will appear again

  • nenadv
    nenadv Member Posts: 4 New User

    resetting didn't help, screen went red again :(

  • ragsak28
    ragsak28 Ally Posts: 677

    Hi @nenadv

    You can try to reinstall the display adapters to check if that makes any difference.

    NOTE: Make sure to reboot the laptop after uninstalling the driver.

    If that doesn't make any difference you can try to reset the laptop to check if that makes any difference.

    NOTE: You will loose all the data during the reset.

    Hope it will help you in some way.

  • nenadv
    nenadv Member Posts: 4 New User

    already tried reinstalling the driver but it didn't help. i think its some monitor hardware

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 31,700 Trailblazer

    Can you get the red to appear during the splash screen, or when there's nothing connected? If so it's certainly in the monitor. Next try to get the red when the Acer logo is appearing during POST on the computer, and drop into the BIOS and try to get it there. If you can't then it's more likely software...

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