Chromebook OS Recovery is Repeatedly FailingAcer Spin CP713-2W-5874

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Hi all,

I'm a newbie here and hoping someone can help me. I'm working on a friend's Acer Spin CP713-2W-5874 chromebook that recently dark-screened from unknown causes and of course is several months out of warranty. The Powerwash feature does not work at all so have been trying the recovery route. I have burned many recovery USBs of different mfg's and sizes using the Chrome Extension Utility. There is no problem burning the USBs, but after inserting the USB into chromebook when prompted it starts the process but always ends on Step 3 of the recovery with: "Error recovering your device". I can't find anything on the web about this particular error. I have attached a few pics here for your convenience if you know about this. The whitish box under the error reads "Try Again", which does nothing. Towards the bottom of the pic there is "Advanced Options" which basically allow viewing of log files or copy logs to external drive, which also does not work

I suspected either the hard drive or the battery and have replaced each with new (returnable) components while trying the recovery to no avail. I also tried a new power supply, also returnable. I'm stumped. Does anyone have any idea what is happening and if there is a fix other than new MB. They are few and almost cost as much as the entire chromebook. Thanks in advance. 😀

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  • billsey
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    What drive did you try for the replacement? The error sure sounds like the drive doesn't want to be written to or doesn't appear to the OS installer. The CP713-2W models came with either an eMMC drive soldered to the MB or an NVMe drive in a M.2 slot. When an eMMC drive fails (which happens much earlier than the NVMe drives) you should be able to add an NVMe and reinstall ChromsOS to the new drive, leaving the old one to just sit idle.

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  • stratman57
    stratman57 Member Posts: 2 New User

    Hi Billsey,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I put a WD Blue 1TB SN570 NvMe drive in the chromebook after trying the recovery using the original drive. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to work, but I can return it as I bought through Amazon. I'm completely baffled on this one unless there is issue with the motheboard or BIOS is screwed up. I appreciate the help, thanks.

  • Have you tried ordering or buying erecovery from the acer website?

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  • billsey
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    Yeah, I know of no issues with the ChromeOS using a 1TB drive, so it ought to have worked if the drive itself wasn't bad.

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