What is gst Rates for laptops?

johanmarkedjohanmarked Member Posts: 2 New User

I am looking to buy acer laptop and worry about the taxation criteria can you please suggest me the tax rates for acer laptops.

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    I understand you are looking ot buy a computer and you are worried about the

    We are glad that you are showing up your interest in purchasing a brand new computer. 

    Please visit the website – – chose your country – click on shop.  It will show you all the latest and new computers.  You can see all the models from low end to high end configurations.  You can look at all the models one by one.  Please chose the best one which suits your budget and needs.  You can also buy desktop, laptop, monitor and accessories. 

    Alternatively, on the top right corner you can find the phone no to contact Acer store.  If you need more details you can call and check with them.

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  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,803 Trailblazer

    Tax rates are obviously different for different countries. I would suggest you contact your vendor and ask them.

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  • hussain_johnhussain_john Member Posts: 1 New User

    Tax should be defined by the company, after getting the gst percentage you will calculate final rate from this site.

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