Battery indicator blinking after battery replacement acer extensa 2519

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Hello members,

I have got acer extensa 2519, the old battery died and i ordered new one, got the battery and replaced the old one.

But now I have the following problem, the battery indicator keeps blinking.

I rechecked everything, tried some solutions found online. I just found out that the new battery is 15.2V, the old one was 11.4V. When I were purchasing the new one the store told that the battery is compatible with the model.

Someone with a solution? Thank the community in advance.

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    It is really recommended to go with exact voltage value of battery used in laptop. The charging unit in the Motherboard is designed to provide certain voltage to charge battery. If you use a higher voltage battery, the charging voltage won't be sufficient to charge it. That is the reason for battery indication flashing. I recommend you to contact the store you purchased the new battery and exchange it to exact same specs of old battery in the laptop.

    Hope this helps.



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