My Acer N17Q8 will not turn on. replaced battery still does not work.

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I’ve had this Chromebook for about 4 years and it is out of warranty. I spilled water on it and quickly dried it off on the outside and inside. It did not turn on but the charger light would blink orange. I ordered a new battery for it and it turned on for a bit but quickly went back to not working. The light blinks and when I try to perform a reset, it blinks blue then orange again.

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    Liquid spills can't be just wiped away and/or left to dry, you need to open the laptop and look at the affected area and extensively clean the liquid affected components up and also do a component refloat of components (in extreme cases) of the affected circuitries with a heat gun, this is for the worst case scenarios, as it’s a hit and miss if these circuitries will work again?

    You need to inspect the liquid affected areas and use a petroleum cleaning fluid (as petroleum contains oil that will not dry and crack components up like alcohol does) which is lighter fluid. Spread the liquid onto the affected board area and circuitries and get a toothbrush and thoroughly clean those areas up, wipe the access liquid off, and then leave it to dry or and if you have a soldering heat gun or a hair dryer, use a low 150c heat to slowly dry the affected area and circuitries up.

    After all that, turn your laptop on and try to boot your laptop on, as if all is well and the liquid hasn’t damaged anything then the laptop will boot? If it doesn’t then the components that were affected by the liquid spill, will need to be refloated like the mosats and capacitors etc that need to be checked if they are not shorted, if they are then they need to be replaced or and if it’s the gpu, cpu or ram then your laptop can’t be fixed. Good luck and hope this helps you out and if you can't do the above, then I suggest that you take your Chromebook to an experienced tech that can do this job.

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    Yes, the issue is likely that the liquid was electrically conductive. That means the liquid might have shorted out components. Those shorts might or might not have fried things. The only way to really tell for sure is to do as Steven suggests and clean the stuff off completely and test. If it still isn't working then it is likely toast. :(

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