My acer aspire tc 875 is having download speed issues

Flasha Member Posts: 6 New User

My wifi gets around 50-60 mbps on download but when I download anything it doesn’t go above 7mbps I know it not my wifi because if I go over to my Xbox or my phone it downloads at 45-50mbps on my Xbox and my pc is The only thing turned on on my wifi and I’ve tried both Ethernet and wifi

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  • Larryodie
    Larryodie Member Posts: 1,273 Overclocked Contributor

    Are you saying that your computer won't go above 7 Mbps on Ethernet ?? It is usually twice or much more faster on the ethernet connection that on wi-fi. Location, location, blockage is the prime factor when using wireless.

    Your computer bogged down running some unwanted process.

    Close all of your tabs and then ALT-CRT-DEL and look at your process in progress, details, wi-fi performance etc.

    Also look in start up within task manager and identify what is enabled .

    Please post your computer model name and what speed test are you running.

    Also clean your computer, I use CCLEANER to clean the registry too but there are other utilities and methods to do so.

    But ALT-CTRL-DEL will show the big picture.

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 29,249 Trailblazer

    Your Aspire TC-875 should have no issues at all running at a much higher speed than 7Mbps. Make sure nothing else is running and use to get an accurate number and post a picture here showing that.

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  • Larryodie
    Larryodie Member Posts: 1,273 Overclocked Contributor
    edited September 2022

    Here is my speed test. 20 feet away from the router using Spectrum.

    Internet speed test

    Testing upload...

    456.1 Mbps download

    4.63 Mbps upload

    Latency: 29 ms

    Server: Atlanta

    Your Internet connection is very fast.

    Your Internet connection should be able to handle multiple devices streaming HD videos, video conferencing, and gaming at the same time.

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 29,249 Trailblazer

    So, 60 times the 7Mbps... Your download test might have been from a slow web server or there may have been something else going that was hogging bandwidth. Latency is a little high to the speedtest server in Atlanta, but not terribly out of line.

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