Acer 315-35 Aspire, need help with DVD software

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Hello. I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have an Acer 315-35 Aspire, which comes without a dvd player running windows 11. I have an external dvd player, and have downloaded the 5Kplayer, yet it will not work as I guess I do not have an internal software to run it?

Is there a software I can download, or anything I can do to use my external dvd player with my Acer?

thank you for any help

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    After connecting the external dvd player please try windows + e

    click on this pc

    It will show you the new dvd player icon

    Insert a movie disk

    You can see the name of the disk on the dvd icon.

    It shows that the dvd player is recognizing the disk

    You can simply download and install vlc media player

    Right click on dvd icon - click on autoplay

    You can play the disk now.

    Check whether the dvd player came with any driver disk. If you have the driver disk you can install the software which came along with the disk.

    You can also download and install dvd player software by going to the manufacturer website of the dvd player.

    Most of the dvd player are plug and play so you can simply connect it and start using it. If you want to download any third party dvd writer software you can also do it if the dvd player is read writable. Some dvd player act only as a ready only player just to read and play the disks.

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