Acer A315-42 audio software problem.

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hello guys,

I just update audio driver and now when i am listening to music the speakers make a lot of noise .

if i go to sound setting and disable the driver it works

it works , but for 5 minutes , and after that noice again .

windows sound troubleshooting say " all is good" and i reinstalled the driver for 2 times ..

Thanks for your time.

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  • William_mk2William_mk2 Ally Posts: 3,393


    Sometimes a simple system restore will fix the issue.. 

    Try windows x

    click on power shell admin or command prompt admin 

    type rstrui

    chose an earlier date on which your computer was working fine  

    click on next, finish, yes

    It will restore your computer to an earlier date 

    if you get an message - system restore not completed - click on close 

    It will show you all the icons..

    Try and check whether it is working now ..

    If it is still not working..

    Try windows x 

    Go to device manager - Go to sound video and game controllers. Expand it 

    Uninstall the sound driver from device manager. Please uninstall all the items below the sound video and game controllers. Restart the computer. It should work fine.. 

    If it is still not working 

    Uninstall the sound driver from device manager 

    Dont restart the computer. 

    Go to 

    chose your country 

    type snid or chose your model 

    go to drivers 

    Install the sound driver 

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    Click on "Yes" if it answers your question.

    Please click YES if I answered your question

    I am not an ACER employee
    B  Thank you and have a BLESSED AND HAPPY DAY  B

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