I can't open the windows/ news that are in my MSN home page. page comes up blank.

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I must have deleted something in tools but I dont know how to fix it. help?


  • William_mk2


    Try to do a chrome reset on your chromebook  

    open chrome

    click on three dots on top right corner 

    click on settings

    Scroll down - go to advanced

    click on restore setting to default

    you will see reset settings - cancel

    click on reset settings 

    Close the chrome and open it It should work fine.. 

    If it is still not working.. 

    We need to do a power wash on your chrome book.  

    Restart the chromebook.

    On the login screen please don’t type the password.

    Hold the Ctrl key + shift key + alt key on keyboard and then press the letter r once

    It will show “Reset this pc”

    Click on power wash and continue.. 

    Please understand it will clear the local and user settings.. 

    Please complete the final setup.. 

    Connnect to wifi and type the wifi password

    Login to chromebook with your regular password

    It should work fine ..

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