What are the system requirements for running TrueGame RTX 30xx ?

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What are the system requirements for running TrueGame?

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  • JackE
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    Seems like an RTX 30xx series GPU, 11th gen CPU & an eyeball tracking camera for starters. Basically projecting two separate slightly displaced images to each eyeball on the screen at all times no matter how you move your head.

    Jack E/NJ

  • LChris
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    Advertissement says minimal requirements are a RTX 2080 for desktop computer and a 3070ti for laptops

    this raw power is needed because current spaciallabs monitor are 4K ... so 4 times more pixels to render than full HD

    I wish they would make an entry level Full HD 3D monitor to lower the specs too.

    Also current monitors are designed for laptops, they all have an integrated battery who is superfluous for desktop gaming.