Brand new PC desktop - NOISE !!

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What is wrong with Acer? They are selling [content removed] PCs and they are expensive. I have a Win 7 that is quieter than the new Win 11.

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    It is pathetic to know issue with brand new computer. As a work around, I recommend you to try resetting the BIOS to default. Click here to get instructions on resetting BIOS to default.

    If the issue persists, please update here along with answers for the questions raised below.

    1. How is the sound? Is it buzzing or Rattling?
    2. Does the sound starts immediately after powering on the unit?
    3. Is it loud frequency noise?

    Awaiting for your response!

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    What is the exact model name? Example AN515-56-50HK.

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    It makes a noise like brrr, brrr and the mod on the forum does not like me:

    Samuel, I have been admin for a very well known forum and PayPal asked me to be a mod on theirs. When Musk tried to buy Twitter he wanted to get Trump back online to generate traffic and he hates the EU because it's own space program the safety regulation for Tesla. He also thinks of himself as a Columbus using rockets instead of old wooden sailing ships.

    Now you can ask yourself why am I telling you this ? Have seeing Trump back online with his real name? If you delete posts instead of helping, Acer is losing trust and traffic to the forum. If I was your admin, I would send you do voluntary work on Facebook, as my website was killed off by them.

    I have asked Acer to give my money back, and as it happens, I am journalist I will write about my experience when I tried to setup a NGO using Acer. As I write this, the fan has started to sound like a tractor, and I for the price I have paid for the PC, I can employ a secretary to type the paperwork on old typing machine.

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    Hi @Tractor

    You can try to reset the computer to check if that makes any difference.

    Check the above link to do a reset.

    NOTE: Make sure to backup all the data before the reset.

    Hope it will help you in some way.

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    I believe you post was edited to remove the bad word you used. That's normal in just about any forum that I see. You haven't told us what your problem (other than a very generic 'brrr, brrr' noise) is or what computer you have, so there's not a lot we can do to help. Where does the noise seem to come from? How fast does it repeat? Is it constant or only sometimes?

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