Why does Acer X28 lose signal sometimes after Alt+Tab or changing Resolution in games?

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Hi there, so I bought a Predator X28 around a month ago now, and I must say, this monitor looks amazing, works insanely well and is just glorious, I could see myself never need a new monitor until 4k 240hz OLED monitors become reasonably priced in like 5 years... However, there is one issue which is small enough to not have me ditch it right away, but big enough to make me regret buying it and not want to buy anymore Acer monitors (this is my second Acer monitor so far).

The issue, as the title suggest, is when I Alt+Tab out of a game, only occasionally as well, the monitor will lose signal and the only way to like reset it to connect it again is to unplug it from the power and plug it back in, turning it off at the power button or unplugging the Display Port doesn't fix it. This also happens sometimes when I change a game resolution, as a lot of games I open are set to my old monitor's resolution of 2560x1440 or something else like 1920x1080 and I have to manually change it. This only happens once almost every day, happened yesterday on an Alt+Tab and today on a resolution change.

I strongly believe it's the monitor Driver or the Firmware, as it drops out when performing some actions that require the resolution to adjust, I feel like if it was the power cord/brick or whatever it just wouldn't work at all, or would be a lot worse. I've used Driver 1.0, didn't help, it's also strange that they've not updated it to like 1.1 or something in the year or so since the monitor's first driver released, most monitors get one every few months for the first few years.

It is set to it's 152hz overclock, but I'm quite sure 144hz still does it, I've changed Display Port cable twice. I lowered my 3080's overclock as that was causing the screen to go black for a second then usually pop back on, that's not happening since I turned the OC down.


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    Does the same problem occur when you play in windowed mode?

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    No, same for Windowed Fullscreen, because fullscreen games are almost treated like they are running in a seperate window to the rest of the desktop it's like Alt+Tab or changing resolution has to adjust the game on a seperate device running off of my PC, which is normal behaviour that all my PCs have experienced. Windowed Fullscreen, you'll notice pressing the Windows key just shows the start menu, but in Exclusive Fullscreen it's rare that this happens, usually the screen goes black and it shows up, and when this happens my monitor sometimes loses signal. It's like my PC forgets about the monitor being there, this didn't happen on my other 2 monitors, they'd go black then show the desktop or when I click the game window it'll go black then show the game again.

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    I have the same issue. Did you get it resolved?