How fix gpu usage in acer nitro 5 AN515-57-537Y

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My laptop acer nitro 5 AN515-57-537Y


i5 11th

Ram 2×8 dual channel

My gpu usage is 40% in all games and im do everything and stil the same

Please help me

Im bought it 1 week ago

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  • JackE
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    >>>The [oem recovery] option did not appear>>>

    Yes, sorry, this often happens after installing the latest generic Win10 versions. But double check your BIOS MAIN page to make sure the D2D option was enabled that allows the recovery method to work.

    You can probably try to install an earlier generic Win10 version from an archive site or you can try to get the original factory USB installation from an authorized Acer service center in your country.

    Jack E/NJ