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Hello, every now and then I have problems with bluetooth not detected the PC has also gone to assistance but they have not detected anything ... Now I'm trying to update the drivers and checking with CCcleaner 11 are out of date even if windows and acer centro di cure does not report them. Do you think it is reliable? I attach screenshot

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    What is the problem exactly? Does bluetooth not work at all? Does the device manager show a yellow warning triangle on the bluetooth driver?

    Well, ccleaner is certainly not the right tool to check if drivers are up to date. In your case it's about the bluetooth driver. Look in the device manager, which manufacturer it is (Intel, Atheros). Then go to the Acer support page for your model or go to the appropriate manufacturer page for the driver. Then download the latest bluetooth driver, delete the bluetooth driver in the device manager and reinstall the new one. If possible, post a screenshot of the opened device manager.

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    There were two different WLAN cards for the C24-963 systems, either an Atheros based card or an Intel based card. That's why you see two different drivers. In both cases the device manufacturers will release driver upgrades more often than they will show up on Acer's support site or in Windows Update. Often the driver updates are just to add support for newer hardware, not giving any functional change to the driver for your hardware. It would be better to try and diagnose what's going on with your Bluetooth first, then do a driver update if needed.

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    In terms of checking if drivers are up to date, Ccleaner is certainly not the right tool for the job. The problem in your case is related to the bluetooth driver that you are using. Look for the manufacturer (Intel or Atheros) in the device manager by selecting the manufacturer option. If you don't find the driver on the Acer support page for your model, then you can find it on the manufacturer's page or on the Acer support page. After you have downloaded the new Bluetooth driver, go to the device manager, delete the existing Bluetooth driver, and then reinstall the new one once you have deleted the old one. If possible, I would appreciate if you could send me a screenshot of the device manager that has been opened.

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