Aspire C22-820 BIOS Boot-loop

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Good Day

I seem to be struggling to fix an issue with the BIOS of the PC. First time I got the PC I was able to fix this issue by updating the BIOS. Problem now is that there aren't anymore more updates available. I am on the newest version for the PC (R02-A1).

The problem is that as soon as the PC boots up it gives me the following error:

"Flash update failed"

"Flash image invalid or not found"

"System will reset in 5 seconds"

Now I can bypass this issue by pressing ESC and the press YES to quit the BIOS. It boots to Windows then. But I have to do this each time the PC restarts. I've tried downgrading to a previous firmware, I've removed the CMOS battery to reset the bios to default. Nothing I try seems to be working.

Here is a video of the problem I'm having: