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    I will try that and could it possibly be that my windows install got corrupted since I shut my pc down during it, and the main reason nothing displays is because my drivers got corrupted too instead of it being a mobo problem?

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    Windows drivers wouldn't have prevented accessing the BIOS screen. The BIOS screen should use the integrated GPU's basic video output unless this GPU was somehow disabled in the BIOS. If the ALT+F10 cold boot recovery method doesn't yield a screen, we might have to open the bottom cover and disconnect both the battery pack and the CMOS coin cell to try to reset the BIOS to a default state.

    Jack E/NJ
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    @JackE I believe I have tracked down the issue. To reiterate this entire problem started because I was installing windows 10 on an ssd which had windows 11 on it I wiped the ssd in the installation menu and I began the windows install but for some reason the screen went black while I was using my hdmi male to vga female adapter. So I recreated this issue on an old desktop with a different hard drive I wasnt using and ik that desktops and laptops are different but I believe that the same outcome that occurred on the desktop is occurring on the laptop and that is that there simply isnt an os or any drivers to display anything in the first place.

    You also said to try using alt f10 to restore the original windows 10 copy and I have good and bad news about that so firstly the original owner of the laptop (my friend) damaged the hard drive cable which had the original windows 10 on it, but I still have the hard drive and I was able to discover that the oem partition is still on it by connecting it to my desktop and using diskpart (I dont believe i interfered with the boot drive or anything since it was doing the preparing automatic repair loop)

    Large paragraph aside I was wondering what I could possibly do to save said laptop

    Should I buy a new hdd cable and try booting from the hard drive?

    Could I possibly use an external hard drive that would boot windows onto the laptop or would I have to edit the boot order in the bios to achieve that?

    Also my friend was able to install windows 11 on the ssd somehow without when the hard drive was botched would you possibly know how this was accomplished?

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    Usually can't boot an internal HDD via the USB port with an adapter. Get the internal HDD cable. Part # is 50.Q3HN2.002 for the 1050 nvidia GPU model. And 50.Q3FN2.002 for the 1060 GPU. Both are only about $10usd. Google part nos. for vendors who ship to your location.

    Jack E/NJ
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