Acer mixed reality Minecraft begins to load then crashes

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has had am issue and solved it where minecraft begins to load then crashes 
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  • JackE
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    Haven't heard of this issue with any Acer PC so far. What mixed reality headset? For example, AH-101? What kind of PC?  A Dell desktop, laptop, tablet or all in one? An Asus? An HP? Maybe even an Acer?  For example, a Dell XPS15-i9? Small details like brands and model numbers might help.

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  • Jameswalter
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    I have the same exact thing that happens to the OP, line by line, except that my headset is an HP. Kiersten has already walked me through these steps, I even replaced my ram and formatted my PC, nothing solved, so we considered it a faulty headset. But now, the same thing happens to another user...maybe it's something related to windows after all. The things described on the op are literally the same as what happens to me.