My SF314-55 Acer swift 3 is eligible to download Nvida driver but wont show up

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It says i can download it when i enter my SD key but i download it and go threw installation but does not show up in my driver area in device manager in control panel. I have restarted my Computer. I need it for a program I am using called Maya and it recommends NVDIA. It only shows the intel one i had from when i got the computer. and the download does work. it goes threw all the steps and stuff and there is no errors at all it just does not show. can you help me


  • JackE
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    Sorry no. You have the SF314-55 series model, not the more expensive SF314-55G series model. Only the G model has nvidia GPU and will accept the nvidia  GPU driver. Your model will not accept the nvidia GPU driver even though both links have same drivers for both models. Sorry again for driver confusion.

    Jack E/NJ