ACER Predator Z35 Only the blue LED is on

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Hello everyone . I have an Acer Z35 monitor. Yesterday it was working normally. This morning, after turning on the power, only the blue LED is lit and it does not react to anything. the monitor is no longer guaranteed. I know a little about electronics, I looked inside, no signs of burning. the motherboard itself without other elements such as a led driver or g-sync behaves in the same way, does not respond to the button, does not turn off. only the blue LED is on . I thought to upload a new bios load to the motherboard only where I will get one. I have a bios programmer


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    It might be a simple issue. 

    It might be a cable issue..   Remove all the cables from monitor.   Press and hold the power button of monitor for 1 min.    Connect all the cables back.  Try to turn on the monitor.   Connect the monitor to computer and check.  If the cable is non removable please don't try to remove it. 

    Please remove the cable between monitor and computer.     Try to connect it back and check.    If possible try to use an alternative cable and check.  

    If the problem persists try to use an alternative power cable and display cable and check.    Try to bypass the surge protector and connect the monitor directly to power outlet.    Try to connect monitor on a different power outlet or surge protector and check.  

    On the monitor – use the control buttons.   There will be an option to reset monitor settings to default.    Try to reset the monitor and check.  

    To isolate the issue, try to use the same monitor to a different computer and check  or  Try to use an alternative monitor on this computer and check.

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    When you turn it on from completely off, do you see the Acer splash screen at all? If not then we're looking at a hardware failure. If the splash screen show by the computer doesn't display we're more likely looking at the cable or something on the computer side.
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