Cannot get speakers working in ubuntu on Aspire C24-1650

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I'm trying to install and run ubuntu on Aspire C24-1650. I installed 22.04. Everything is working except sound. Well, sound is working through my headphones when I connect them to 3.5" jack on the back. But there is no sound on built-in speakers. That is strange because visually it seems like everything is working, I have all devices present, and when I start sound application I see changing level of sound (screenshot attached). But there is no sound out of speakers!

I changed to old style snd-hda-intel driver but nothing changed. I have no sound through speakers but everything works with headphones plugged in.

I thought maybe there is some hardware problem with speakers. But when I installed windows there was sound through speakers!

I tried other linux distributions (debian, fedora, manjaro, mint etc). There are no sound in any of them (only with headphones).

Anyone knows how to fix this problem?


  • Nite2
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    I forgot to tell that this Aspire had BIOS version R02-A2. Later I thought that maybe bios update would help and upgraded it to the latest R02-A3, but nothing changed.
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    It sounds like there is a driver missing from the kernel. Have you asked the OS developers about it? Sometimes it takes a year or more to get all the chipset drivers implemented in Linux.
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  • Commodore_1995#
    Have you checked the bios version too?

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    egydiocoelho, yes, I already told before that I upgraded bios to the latest version R02-A3.
    It was R02-A2 before. On either version there was no sound in speakers in ubuntu.