aspire 3 A315-23 Won't turn on but will charge

Isaiahjack Member Posts: 3 New User
I was on my computer I shut it down without turning it off and I come back and it won't turn on but it's still charging I've tried almost everything like taking the internal battery out and holding the power button for more than a minute but nothing's working, it could be the keyboard power button not working but if anyone has any tips please help


  • Jeyam
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    Hi @ Isaiahjack 

    1)Unplug the AC power adapter. 2)Press and hold the Power button down until the unit goes off. 3)Search for a pinhole that has a battery symbol next to it on the backside of your laptop, insert a small paperclip in the battery reset pinhole, press and hold it down for 25 seconds.

  • Isaiahjack
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    @Jeyam Didn't Work, When I unplug the AC power adapter it automatically shuts off I don't even have to press the power