How do i reset Acer Predator X34 s , this is with gsync.

Simprezar Member Posts: 1 New User
I recently got this monitor and is hooked up with my DP, i was able to see predator logo and all when it started, now i dont see that anymore.
also i cant really change OSD , contracts etc, its greyed out. eports mode preset are all same now,.. what can i do to reset this ...


  • Leostat
    Leostat ACE Posts: 3,043 Pathfinder
    Does it say the OSD is locked? If not , i think you use the info button (second down) on the option to reset it to default

    And on one of the buttons you should be able to select the mode, is it in user mode?
  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 31,979 Trailblazer
    If the Acer logo doesn't show up when first turning the monitor on it has likely failed. Contact the vendor for a swap if it's been a short enough time since purchase and contact Acer for warranty repair if it's been too long.
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