Acer aspire a515-43 RAM upgrade issue

SPhaze Member Posts: 2 New User
So I have an acer aspire(a515-43) which came with 2 sticks of 4gb 1RX16 PC4-2666V and have decided to upgrade to 16gb (2 x 8gb sticks 2666V). Everything went smoothly when putting them in but I loaded it up when I was done putting the 2x8gb sticks in and it still says I’m only running 8gb of installed RAM at a speed of 2400Mhz and not 16gb even tho I have both 8gb sticks in it. I’ve tried most solutions I could find on the internet but none have worked. Have I done something wrong or bought the wrong sticks or something? I bought the 2x8gb 2666V sticks as my 2x4gb ones that was in the laptop when I bought it was also 2666V. 

I haven’t tried opening the laptop back up to check anything since putting them in so if I can do anything on that part then please let me know.

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