Can't find the legacy option in the boot option from the InsydeH20 Setup Utility

Rizelia Member Posts: 1 New User
I want to install windows 11 from usb. But I can't find the legacy option to boot from my usb. I only found windows boot manager (Toshiba) and secure boot option there.


  • AnhEZ28
    AnhEZ28 ACE, Member Posts: 3,933 Pathfinder
    @Rizelia you will have to stay in UEFI because Windows 11 requires Secure Boot enabled. The Legacy Boot will disable the Secure Boot and might cause limited updates or functionality in the future Windows 11 build. 
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  • billsey
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    That is correct, most modern computers do not support running an OS old enough to require Legacy support (Windows 7 or older), so there is not reason to include it in the BIOS. You don't need Legacy to boot from a USB drive, unless it's older than ten years or so...
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