Sometimes my acer replaces file to something else.

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I've been having a problem sometimes when I'm downloading something, it changes the file.
What program it should be: 
What is replacing it to: 
I've tried changing it using this. 
But it seems to no want to change this is very sad, because I need the files. IF you can help, please reply 


  • StevenGen
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    This is not an Acer issue and it has nothing to do with Acer! It’s your OS that readjusts the open with list that you are getting. I can't see where your problem is as a web page you open it with a browser of your choice, a pdf with adobe and jpeg, gif etc you open with either the suggested phot software or a software that you prefer? Its a simple choice except when there are hidden files that are not usual files which the OS gives you the choice of "How do you want to open this file?" popup. 

  • ttttt
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    Not sure what you mean by "it changes the file"? Do you mean it changed from your default browser to another browser when downloading?

    Personally, I set Chrome as the default bowser.When I bowse something and initiate a download from there, it will show up in the download tab of Chrome and the Win 10 user Download directory. However, sometimes when I ownload something from a certain web site ( such as Microsoft)
    , the site may default to download with the Edge bowser.

    One way or the other, a file chosed to be downloaded will appear under the Download directory ( if setting in the bowser instructed it to be downloaded there).

    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Whale ... etc. are all bowsers, just set one as your default or you can use anyone already installed to your PC anytime you want.

    Don't know if that answered your question.
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    Press the Windows key then type 'default' and select Choose a default app for each file type. Go through the list and look for the extension for the file that is showing the IE icon. Change the default app to what you want instead and it will change all those icons back.
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