Does anyone else have an image retention problem with the XF270HU?

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I've only had this monitor for a year, but a couple of days ago, these weird artifacts popped up, and they wont go away. I have a huge Magic Card burned into the left side of my screen from when I was playing Magic: Arena, some illegible words above that, a ton of horizontal lines that span 2/3 of the screen, and this weird area down in the bottom left corner. I've really enjoyed this monitor so far, but I can't watch movies or plays games now because it's hugely noticeable. I've always shut it off when I'm not using it, and I only keep it at 70% brightness. I know LCD's can have issues like this, so I never leave it on a static screen either.

I took some photos. It seemed to show up on my phone camera best in gray screen.

                                                 (You can see the Magic card in the left center, the words directly above it, multiple horizontal lines, and the weird thing in the bottom left)

I left this video playing ( ) for 2 hours, nothing. Then 12 hours, still nothing. I queued the video up three times and just let it play for like 28 hours, and then turned it off for 48 hours. All in all, it didn't do very much. They're still massively visible, especially the one in the bottom left corner. 

I was wondering if there's another way to fix it? I really can't afford to buy another one at the moment.


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    >>>You can see the Magic card in the left center,>>>

    Sorry, doesn't seem show in your phone photos. What happens when you connect the gpu to a TV  screen instead?

    Jack E/NJ