XB273U GX Display Issues (RMA'ed Twice)

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Hey there,

I've sent my XB273U GX for RMA twice and for both RMA, they had all swapped out the entire monitor, so basically they're new monitors. This is the 3rd monitor that I'm with, and all of them appear to have this same issue when it's on the HDMI port and I'm out of ideas of what could be the cause of it.

When playing videos, certain parts tend to flicker and discolor, like brown stuffs like hair tend to get pink and dark grey flickering lines, some light blue stuffs will get white flickering lines. I've attached photos and screenshot below for reference.

On the previous 2 monitors, besides this flickering lines issue, I'd randomly get black vertical lines across the screen if there's a dark background with couple of bright areas (such as this forum, netflix, steam) and sometimes the entire display will flicker while having those lines. It's my 2nd day with this replacement monitor so hopefully I don't get to that, but I'm not having alot of hopes now given that I'm already seeing this flickering lines which at this point is a classic XB273U GX flaw.

My question is, what is the cause of this flickering lines?