ANYONE updgraded to windows 11 on a ASPIRE TC-866 DESKTOP? DID IT GO WELL?

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wondering about the windows 11 upgrade. Has this been smooth for everyone in the ACER WORLD?


  • JackE
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    >>>Has this been smooth for everyone in the ACER WORLD? >>>

    Of course not. But if the Acer driver download site has the Win11 drivers already listed for your model, you might have a 50-50 chance of it not messing up your perfectly functional Win10 machine. However, the Acer driver download site itself doesn't appear to be functional at the moment. So, if it was my perfectly functional Win10 TC-866, I'd probably assume that installing Win11 wouldn't be worth the 50% risk of it not going well.

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    I've installed the Win11 upgrade in all my Acer machines that support it (five of them) but I haven't tried specifically with a TC-866. I've had no issues with any of them. Acer hasn't released W11 specific drivers on their support site for yours, so they are either waiting for one of the hardware vendors to provide an update or there are no driver changes needed. There's no way to tell until someone tries it, but I'd likely wait for the formal offer in Windows Update before trying it.
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    2inSD said:
    wondering about the windows 11 upgrade. Has this been smooth for everyone in the ACER WORLD?

    2inSD as JackE is sying and also billsey is saying who had no problems, the bottom line is your choice if you want to upgrade your working Win-10 to Win-11 as the Aspire TC-886 desktop is 100% compatible but, you could have problems (yes billsey is saying that he hasn’t) but that does not mean you won’t? Btw I’ve tried the upgrade on a brand new Nitro 5 AN515-56 laptop that had Win-10 OEM and I did the upgrade on the new Nitro 5 as sold retail to Won-11 and it messed allot of Win-11 functions, eventually it got so bad that I had to do the within Win-11 System Reset > Rest this PC > Choose an option > Remove everything (Removes all of your personal files, apps and settings) which fixed all the issues that I had before as this System Reset is virtually like a “Clean Install”.

    My suggestion to you and if you want to upgrade to Win-11 onto your Aspire TC-886 desktop then do an upgrade to Win-11 and see if you are happy? If not then do what I've done and explained above. As and also remember that the Aspire TC-886 desktop Acer only has Win10 drivers which are not a problem also, as and after your initial Win-11 upgrade updates most of the compatible and workable drivers for your desktop for Win-11, also and what you should also do is to go to the Intel site and download their Intel® Driver & Support Assistant as that will download all their latest Win-11 drivers and it’s the same with Nvidia if you have fitted an optional and dedicated gpu card, all the other drivers that are missing in Device Manager you can get from the Acer Drivers & Manuals section for the Acer TC-886 and use the missing drivers from the Win-10 drivers as they will work 100% with Win-11.