Acer Predator XB323U (GPBMIIPHZX) plastic cracking sound when warming and cooling up

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I have a new, 3-week monitor. From the beginning I can hear (not loud) plastic popping and cracking sound when I switch it on and off. Those sounds almost disappear after around 40-60 min (but are still there from time to time mostly on HDR). Same after switching it off. This is the same plastic sound when I touch frame or especially back of the monitor where plastic cover is located. It is also getting more frequent with higher brightness (on 120 cd/m2 it it's much shorter than with full HDR600 when it is much more noticeable, but the panel is really hot then)

I have read many posts about heat related plastic expanding and contracting. Anyone with this model and can confirm that this happens? Is it going away after some time? Is this something to be worried?

It's one to add it is on VESA arm, not the one shipped with monitor. As I read this sometimes might have impact.

Other than that, monitor works flawlessly and is brilliant!


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    Hi @ TheDurendal 

    If the computer monitor click, pops, or flashes while it is used this is not normal operation. The monitor may likely be failing, or a component in the monitor has already failed and could also be a fire hazard. We highly recommend the monitor be repaired, replaced, and looked at by a qualified technician.